Abundant Love

Thanksgiving 2017

I give thanks for all who are making room at the table today, and whose spirits reside in the liberality of love. What we celebrate today is more than the harvest; it is more than even friends and family. Our Thanksgiving Feast is at once an act of communion and atonement—the bounty of which one hopes is love in abundance.

An Act of Communion

Throughout this week, food has been collected and prepared. Friends and family will gather in more homes than on any ordinary day. Strangers and those without homes or families will find welcome at someone’s generous table. Volunteers at shelters and missions will serve up food and kindness, and in the act of communion, the seeds of compassion will be sown.

An Act of Atonement

Relationships that over time have become tattered and wounded have the possibility for healing when we choose to come together and gather around the table. The historic roots of the holiday will be told, and by some, a prayer of atonement will be offered for what has been done to our Native American sisters and brothers, and to the goods and creatures of this land once so bountiful.

Love in Abundance

At the table, we find love in abundance in persons of quiet courage, hilarity, goodness, steadfast fidelity, perhaps even heroic virtue. Never mind the quirks and limitations voiced as dishes are passed. The occasion of communion is there to be found if one is attuned to it.

And so, we give thanks on the cusp of the darkest and coldest of seasons with tables full of what was once hidden but is now nourishment. We give thanks even in this year of tumult and challenge to the very soul of this Nation. We find and celebrate hope within this feast of generosity.

My best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with abundant love,



©️Rita Koehler 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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