I am running for Congress because the House of Representatives is supposed to be the People’s House, not the house of the monied few. As an attorney, teacher, and small business owner serving our community for decades, I understand the values that unite us in Northern Indiana. I understand that our nation’s creed is dignity and justice for all, not the few, and that our individual freedoms depend on a social contract that pursues the common good.

Congress is our first branch of government under our constitution – not the executive or judicial branches. As your congresswoman, I will not accept corporate PAC money in this campaign and, when in Congress, campaign finance reform will be my highest priority. I will be your advocate, not the advocate of corrupt special interests, whether pursuing healthcare for all, just wages and worker’s rights, responsible environmental and gun laws, or addressing the other serious issues confronting us as a nation.

People say Washington is broken, not realizing that We the People, through our representatives, are Washington. Washington will not be broken if we are united and reclaim our authority as the people for whom our government exists.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Do not consent to those who claim for themselves based on economic privilege what is the authority of We the People. Join this campaign and participate in democracy in action.