Happy International Women’s Day! We celebrate all women today and the many ways in which women move society forward for the better.

Throughout time, women have brought people to the table. Yet, women’s history is undocumented to large extent. Women don’t just participate—they show up, lift up, and get things done, and they do so largely unrecognized. Their ideas, innovations, and creativity are too often rendered invisible.

We started this political season with six Democratic women candidates running for the Presidency of the United States. Today, the race for nomination has been narrowed once again to two men, a gender gerrymandering if you will. But we will not allow these boundaries to stop our forward progress.

My mom was a pioneer in her field, graduating law school in 1950 and later being appointed to the federal bench. She taught her seven daughters that “the world should be a better place because you are here.” Her friends Martha Griffith, the Congresswomen instrumental in resurrecting the Equal Rights Amendment and bringing it to a vote and eventual passage, and Jane Kay, pioneer female executive and Vice President of Administration at Detroit Edison, were part of my mom’s network of friends who wanted to improve the lives of women. There was a lot of strength among these women and shared goals for the advancement of women.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to live out my mother’s charge of making the world a better place by advocating and bringing to voice the needs of those who have sought my service.

I want to know who lifted you up, inspired you? Celebrate International Women’s Day with me and my team by telling us about the women who lifted you up. We want to hear your story.