Sailors Host ‘Pat Chat’

Published in Pilot News,: March 12, 2018 Author: Jamie Stoner

Kenny Sailor and his wife Kim hosted a meet and greet with Pat Hackett who is running for US Representative for Indiana District 2 on the Democratic ticket.  The primary election will be held on May 8.  Kenny felt it was important to hold the event.  “A primary is like the foundation of a house.  That’s where you pick the people who are running the first place.”  Kim, who admitted she rarely gets involved in politics felt strongly about supporting Hackett in this race.  “Just even meeting her, her wisdom, compassion and cause, “Dignity and Justice for All”, inspired me to support her.”

Hackett has been a resident of South Bend for 40 years.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Government and Theology from the University of Notre Dame.  She ultimately earned her law degree from Notre Dame in 1991.  She has worked as an attorney for the past 26 years.  Hackett has specific experience dealing with estate, probate and health care law.  She feels strongly that her experience as an attorney contributes strongly to her ability to be an effective Congressional leader.

Over a dozen volunteers and supporters gathered at the B & R Building in Argos to hear what Hackett had to share about her reasons for running and her hopes for the country.  Hackett shared that she is running for office to promote “Dignity and Justice for All” which is her campaign slogan.  Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt Hackett said she is running now because “This is no ordinary time.”  She shared her admiration of Eleanor Roosevelt “as a patriot worth our attention” whom she often quotes.  Hackett equated the importance of this time to the election of 1940.  Roosevelt stated at that time and Hackett believes now is true that “No one candidate on his (or her) own can do it alone.  It requires us to be a united people who love their country.”  Hackett stressed the importance of unity at this time and warned against the dangers of division “along racial lines”, “we have an assault on women”, “we have the LGBTQ community under attack.”  Ruth Friend, volunteer, stated, “I believe Pat will be a voice for the disenfranchised.”

Hackett is confident that she is a Democrat with the critical skills essential to the task.”  Hackett stated that being a business owner alone does not qualify someone to hold office.  Hackett stressed the importance of her experience as an attorney in that she “understands constitutional law.”

Hackett holds the conviction that “Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.”  Hackett is eager to see everyone have access to healthcare including women, people who suffer from poverty and those with pre-existing conditions.  Hackett will fight for universal healthcare.  In attendance was Paul Callahan who shared, “I believe in Pat Hackett because she is running a principles first campaign.  I believe in universal healthcare and Pat is the best person to achieve that goal.”  As an attorney Hackett has first hand experience dealing with healthcare law.  Taken directly from her website she states, “I will work to defend and improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), not repeal and replace it.”

Hackett is a firm supporter of “environmental justice”.  Within the pages of her campaign brochure she promises to “promote our health and survival by working to create jobs through a clean energy economy, protecting necessary environmental regulations, and engaging in bipartisan solutions to climate change.”  Ruth Friend shared “I don’t want my grandchildren to inherit a world where they can’t breathe.”  Hackett supports the institutions of “Reason, evidence and science.”

While many voters have expressed frustration with confusing rhetoric and weak responses to difficult questions by other politicians, campaign volunteer, Jenny Piasecki appreciates Hackett’s honesty.  “When I ask her a question she is actually listening and taking in what I have to say.  That’s why I believe she will make an excellent Representative for the second district.”  Ruth Friend agreed that “Pat is a woman of conviction and she is not afraid to put it out there.”

As the afternoon came to an end she was asked whether she was pro-life or pro-choice.  Hackett gently suggested a more open-minded understanding of what “pro-life” really means.  “I am for life.” Hackett stated simply.  “The best way to be for life on the one hand is to protect women’s constitutional right to their own bodies.  Free from the coerce of the power of the state.”  She continued “I understand and share a reverence for life at all its stages.  The way to foster life of women and the unborn is to legislate in a manner that addresses the root causes of abortion.  They include poverty, violence against women, and access to healthcare.  If we effectively legislate those areas, we will be legislating in a manner that supports life.”

Hackett is running against several other individuals including Mel Hall and Yatish Joshi for the Democratic nomination in the May primary.  The winner of the primary election will compete against Republican incumbent Jackie Walorski in the general election taking place in November of this year.  Hackett is confident that her experience as an attorney will enhance her ability to fight for legislation that will enhance the quality of life of people from all walks of life.  Kenny Sailor warned that “We can’t just listen to anyone.  Social media does not have an editor.  Who you listen to is your teacher.  To pick the right person you have to become informed and involved.”  Sailor wanted to give members of the community an opportunity to meet with Hackett, listen to her views, and have the opportunity to ask her questions.  Her spouse Rita shared her support of Pat, “She is the first one to be present at a meeting and the last one to leave.”  Hackett stayed over an hour after the listed closing time of 4 p.m. to continue to speak with attendees and answer more questions.  More information about Pat Hackett is available on her Facebook page and at


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