There’s A Pony In There Somewhere

New Year’s Eve 2017

As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 begins, it is helpful to take stock of where we stand. We are, in fact, still standing, despite the body blow the United States suffered with the Inauguration that occurred on January 20, 2017 and since. The fact that we are still standing as a democracy is due in no small measure to the patriotic resistance that began with the Women’s March on January 21, 2017, and has continued throughout this arduous year.

When I review the events of 2017, I am reminded of an image my Mom shared with me when I was a child and was feeling hopeless about something. She said, “Patty, picture a room full of horse manure. Now remember, there has to be a pony in there somewhere.” Well, our pony is our patriotic resolve. In 2018 our Nation’s patriotic resolve and resiliency will propel us into midterm elections that will transform the makeup of Congress.

My hope lies in the women who have been leading the grassroots initiatives sweeping throughout our Nation, registering as candidates in record numbers, and renewing our democracy. The tsunami of misogyny that swept through our Nation last election cycle did not succeed in destroying us. Hillary Clinton’s “village,” in which we really do need one another and which our children count on us to preserve, strengthen, and improve, has survived. My hope lies in the young people who have persisted in speaking up for our Dreamers and against racism and discrimination of all kinds. My hope lies in the men who have courage to speak out and confront other men who sexually harass women, who support equal pay for equal work. My hope lies in the wisdom of the generation of my parents who have seen our country face threats to our democracy before and stepped up to those threats with courage. My hope lies in the many disenfranchised and marginalized people who choose to step forward and be seen instead of hiding in the shadows of discrimination.

The women and men of this Nation are a resilient people. We are this Nation’s workers, scientists, middle class, elderly, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ citizens, religious minorities, sick and disabled, and the marginalized– all those who the current Administration and its enablers in Congress would seek to disenfranchise. Our democracy is not finished and, because of our Nation’s resolve and courage, Dignity and Justice for All will be realized.

If any of you are still on the sidelines, I’m asking you to join me and make your voices heard. This is a movement not a moment as people wrote on signs carried at the Women’s March. Let your passion for healthcare, education, the environment, immigration, labor, racial justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, sensible gun legislation be your reason to start now. Martin Luther King, Jr said, and I quote, “There is no noise as powerful as the sound of the marching feet of a determined people,” and there is no better result than those thousands of people marching to the polls. Democrats must take back Congress if our Nation is to remain the beacon of democracy it was founded to be. We must continue our patriotic resistance in 2018 by continued coalition building, peaceful protests, calling and writing our representatives, running for office, and most importantly exercising the power of our vote in 2018.

All best to you and your loved ones in this New Year,