Mayor Pete Buttigieg

I’m ready for Pat Hackett to be my Representative in Congress. Her campaign message of Dignity and Justice for All represents the change we need to better serve South Bend and everyone in Indiana’s Second Congressional District. She’s spent her entire career serving our community and getting things done with people of every background–and I know she will put that same spirit to work in Congress.

US Senator Joe Donnelly

I’m endorsing Pat Hackett for the Second District of Indiana’s Congressional Seat. She will be a great member of Congress. She’s caring. She’s hardworking. She’s focused middle class families trying to make a difference, trying to make ends meet, and trying to move our nation forward. Pat’s been a member of our community for over 40 years, trying to make every day in her life to make the lives of others better.

Former Mayor of South Bend Steve Luecke, Mayor of South Bend James Mueller, Former Mayor of Goshen Allan Kauffman, Former Superintendent of the South Bend Community School Corporation Virginia Calvin, Community Leader Gladys Muhammad, Community Leader Isaac Hunt Jr.

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