Statement from Pat Hackett
May 9, 2018

I’m so deeply grateful to all of you who supported this campaign. Because of our collected efforts, the commitment of this Nation to dignity and justice for all has been heard throughout our district and even nationally. We have called out, without hesitance, the threat that Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress pose to this Nation. Our resolve must continue. We did not win this primary election, but our work toward dignity and justice for all, not the few will continue. I trust this because I trust each of you and the extraordinary resiliency, steadfast work, and multiple generosities each of you showed during this campaign.

Our people-powered campaign was very successful against not one but two, self-financed campaigns spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in their efforts to defeat us. They, though, did not defeat us. If anything, they showed us that now is the time to get the corrupting presence and money out of politics—that substantive people-powered campaigns are the hope of this Nation.

I have hope, and in no small measure, this is due to all of you and your courageous engagement in our democracy. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

We are democracy in action — just watch.

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