Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting this campaign and our shared values. Your exemplary goodness and multiple generosities are sources of great hope.

Regardless of the outcome of yesterday’s election, our path forward as a Nation and in this Congressional District remains a renewed commitment to Dignity and Justice for All, not the few. Additionally, our path forward requires the reclaiming of our voice and values in Washington. We must reclaim our Constitutional and moral authority as We the People if our Nation is to continue and contribute internationally toward the common good.

Now, more than ever, good government requires our Hoosier work ethic, and mandates our understanding of hospitality where all have a seat at the table. In our national crisis of COVID-19, we must pursue just economic policies by which the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, and the thirsty are given drink. Now more than ever, we must heal the sick through access to healthcare, and we must not abandon the imprisoned to the immorality of racist, profit driven penal systems.

The forces at work in our Nation, seeking to divide us one from the other, are virulent and pernicious. They include financial corruption, racism, and the subjugation of women and sexual minorities. They also include an authoritarianism and religious licentiousness in our federal government that are attacking our 1st and 14th Amendment liberties –– while also attacking our Nation’s commitment to reason, evidence, and science which are the bases of our rule of law, democratic norms, and political decency.

Going forward, we must hold our Representative in Congress accountable, and We, the People, must stay vigilant.

With a full and grateful heart,




Pat Hackett