We need robust public education throughout the country from early childhood through college, preparation in the skilled trades and the completion of vocational training. I will support laws and incentives to states that improve early childhood education, STEM curricula in middle schools, programs to enhance high school retention and graduation rates, and support for community colleges and state universities. Public college or technical education should be an option for all without the need for taking on student debt. [1]More than 44 million Americans owe more than $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. We must promote programs to help people get out from underneath this crippling debt so they can buy houses, start families, and help spur the economy. Similarly, I support funding of the vocational arts, secondary education, and robust support of the skilled trades and the genius of their long history of educational training.

Democracy requires an educated populace which can best be achieved through a strong public education system. The current administration has rescinded guidance documents that outline rights for students with disabilities, has rolled back for-profit college fraud protections, and has attempted to divert money away from public education through vouchers. We must move towards strengthening our public schools, incentivizing good teachers, and emphasizing student creativity, intellectual integrity, and critical thinking skills. I will also work to address the crisis of inequity in our schools. All children, regardless of their family’s income, need access to good public schools and innovative teachers to realize the American Dream. As a global leader, our nation must have a strong system of public education.


No matter their background, everyone deserves a fair shot.