The stakes could not be higher

We are already voting and just days away from Election Day. The stakes could not be higher. Our votes represent more than a difference between two political parties; they are about the very survival of our nation.

Make no mistake: Dignity, justice, equality, and the future of our democracy are on the ballot. 

Are you voting early? How are you getting to your voting center? Are you going to go vote before work or after work? Have you arranged childcare to go to vote? Who can you call on to help carry out your voting plan?

Have you already voted? Who can you offer to help so they, too, can get to the polls? Will you text or call 3 people to remind them to go vote? Will you help Team Hackett in our critical Get Out the Vote efforts? What is your action plan to bring Dignity and Justice to All, not the few?

Here are a some resources to help you vote:

  • Visit to make your plan to vote and find your polling place;
  • Call the voter protection hotline at (833) 336-8683 if anything about the polling line seems suspicious (voter intimidation, visible political signage, etc.).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to my staff at 574-404-7395 and we’ll be glad to connect you.