History is purposeful. We are at a critical turning point right now. Just at the time we were becoming a significantly more inclusive nation with the election of our first African American president, the forces of privilege and supremacy once again reared their ugly heads. Today, we find ourselves in crisis because the forces against dignity and justice for all are continuing to seek to control and dominate others.

We know from history that tyrants cry the loudest, are most violent, and are most oppressive when they are about to fall. Greed, racism, and violence against women are the demons with which this nation has struggled since its beginning.

There are persons in our nation of extreme, white, economic privilege who share an oligarchical worldview. These persons recognize they are losing their control and power. They choose control and their own benefit over the values of this nation claiming power and wealth unto themselves, while demonizing others who are different from themselves. They do not believe in democracy.

As Americans, however, we are committed to our pluralistic democracy and in the inherent goodness and value of all persons. We will prevail if we are resolute in our pursuit of our more perfect Union.

In solidarity,


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