New Primary Date: June 2, 2020

Dear Friends –

Today, Governor Holcomb announced that Indiana will be postponing its primary to June 2, 2020 in response to COVID-19. All deadlines for the upcoming election have been pushed back by 28 days, including the vote-by-mail application deadline to May 21, 2020 (consistent with the existing vote-by-mail application deadline of 12 days before the scheduled election date).

Originally, the primary was scheduled for May 5, 2020.

While all the details are still being finalized, Governor Holcomb and Secretary of State Lawson have recommended the following to the Indiana Election Commission (details from WRTV):

  • Suspend absentee by-mail rules to allow all Hoosiers the option to vote by mail in the upcoming primary election.
  • Allow county clerks to continually mail ballots from now through 12 days out from the new primary election date.
  • Confirm ballots with a May 5, 2020 date will be valid.
  • Enable medical professionals to be eligible members of traveling boards to vote nursing home and hospital patients.
  • Give family members the ability to deliver absentee ballots. Currently only a member of a voter’s household may take possession of their ballot.

Again, the above changes have not been officially made, only recommended by the Governor and Secretary of State to the Indiana Election Commission.

If you qualify under the old requirements to vote-by-mail, you can fill out an application here (requirements are also listed under the form). If you do not qualify under the old requirements, we will have an update for you once the Indiana Election Commission meets next Wednesday, March 25.

As a campaign, we have been preparing for this announcement. We will keep you informed with the latest news on the election and campaign in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Thank you all for your support.

Stay Safe,

Pat Hackett and the Campaign Team