Washington, DC (January 9, 2020) — LPAC, the only organization dedicated to building LGBTQ women’s political voice, today announces a slate of exciting 2020 endorsements, for both the US House of Representatives and for various State House and Senate seats. See our full list of 2020 endorsements here.

In the US House, we are endorsing Pat Hackett for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. At the state level, we’re endorsing Maria Cadenas and Joy Silver (CA Senate), Kim Jackson (GA Senate), Rebecca Stair (NM Senate), Chelsey Branham (OK House), and Jody LaMacchia (MI House).

“LPAC’s first round of 2020 endorsements demonstrate our commitment this cycle to building the bench at the state level,” said LPAC Executive Director Stephanie Sandberg. “It’s an exciting time to support such a diverse class of LGBTQ women leaders running to represent the changing electorates of their states.”

For the US House:

  • Pat Hackett (IN-2): 

Pat Hackett is a Democrat challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski in Indiana’s second congressional district. Hackett previously ran in the Democratic primary in 2018, coming in second. She would be the first openly LGBTQ congressperson from the state. Her campaign is focused on campaign finance reform, healthcare, and climate change. Her primary is May 5.

For State House and Senate seats:

  • Maria Cadenas (CA-17)

Maria Cadenas is a Democrat running for election to the California State Senate’s 17th District. This is an open seat with a competitive five-way primary. Cadenas leads the organization Santa Cruz Community Ventures, which works to create college savings accounts for children in Santa Cruz County, assists Dreamers in applying for DACA status, and provides support to immigrant families around deportation issues. She has not previously held elected office. Her campaign is centered on the climate crisis and making housing, childcare, and healthcare more affordable. The race primary is March 3.

  • Joy Silver (CA-28)

Joy Silver is a Democrat running in a special election for the California State Senate District 28. The seat was vacated by incumbent Republican Jeff Stone, who has joined the Trump administration. Silver previously ran for the district in 2018, coming within three points of victory. She is a businesswoman, previously the CEO of an LGBTQ senior community and then the chief strategy officer of Choices Women’s Medical Center. She has been a prolific volunteer around political and social causes in her community. Her campaign is focused on healthcare, affordable housing, and the renewable energy economy. The special election date is March 3.

  • Kim Jackson (GA-41)

Kim Jackson is a Democrat running for election to the Georgia State Senate. This is an open seat with a Democratic primary. Retiring Democratic incumbent Steve Henson has represented portions of the area for almost 30 years. Jackson is an Episcopal priest and social justice advocate. Currently she is the interim Vicar of the Church of the Common Ground, which ministers and provides services to underserved communities in the street of Atlanta. She has not previously held elected office and would be the first openly LGBTQ person to serve in the Georgia State Senate. Her platform prioritizes the environment, expanding access to healthcare (including reproductive freedom), and passing comprehensive statewide non-discrimination legislation. The primary is May 19.

  • Rebecca Stair (NM-20)

Rebecca Stair is a Democrat running for election to the New Mexico Senate. This is an open seat with a competitive Democratic primary. Stair is a location scout for the film industry. She has not previously held elected office and would be just the 10th woman ever elected the New Mexico Senate – and second LGBTQ woman. Her campaign focuses on solving the climate crisis, healthcare, improving education funding, and reproductive rights. Her primary is June 2.

  • Chelsey Branham (OK-83)

Chelsey Branham is an incumbent Democrat running for a second term in the Oklahoma House. Branham won the seat by about 700 votes in 2018. Branham is an economist, previously the Director of the Social and Economic Justice Department at the YWCA of Oklahoma City. She also delivers training related to job readiness and financial literacy. She is the only LGBTQ person in the Oklahoma Legislature, and is a member of the Chickasaw nation. Her platform focuses on economic opportunity and workforce development, healthcare, and criminal justice reform.

  • Jody LaMacchia (MI-46)

Jody LaMacchia is running for election as a Democrat to the Michigan House, challenging Republican incumbent John Reilly. LaMacchia is a family counselor at Oakland County Friend of the Court, where she mediates high-conflict custody disputes. She has been involved in Democratic politics for many years, including serving as chair of the North Oakland Democratic Club. Her campaign focuses on education, infrastructure, and opportunity. Her primary is August 4.

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